Are Sam Smith And Adele The Same Person?

Someone Found Out That Adele Slowed Down Sounds Like Sam Smith, And The Internet Is Losing Its Shit

Are Sam Smith And Adele The Same Person?

by Tasha Kleeman |
Published on

Sam Smith might be sick of being called the 'male Adele' (see his Rolling Stone interview of 2015), but now someone has found proof that he actually is.

On Monday, @jesse21valona tweeted a slowed-down version of Adele’s 'Hello', that sounds exactly like Sam Smith:

Ever since, the shrewd detectives of the internet have taken to twitter to come up with some pretty convincing conspiracy theories suggesting that the singers are actually the same person.

The comparisons between the singers are pretty clear. Both are Londoners who sing about heartbreak in sweet, dulcet tones. Both are recipients of many of the same awards, and both are responsible for killer James Bond soundtracks.

According to the internet conspirators, however, the links run much more deeply, with many pointing out that they’ve never actually been seen together. (Internet logic: same person).

Sadly, it is yet to be proved that a sped up Sam Sam songs sounds anything like Adele. (@notsohugingbear tried and it definitely doesn’t).

There’s still time though.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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