Sad Vintage Music News: Jessie J And Ariana Grande Are About To Cover The Boy Is Mine!

The pop upstarts are to record a cover of Monica and Brandy's hit song, but we've got some happier news from stars of yesteryear to make up for it...


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Sad news for all those who have a dear nostalgic appreciation of Monica and Brandy’s The Boy Is Mine – the 1998 song is set to be covered by Jessie J and Ariana Grande. This doesn’t only mean Jessie J and Ariana Grande are covering the song, it means inevitable overplays on the radio, a big promo run up to the song’s release where Jessie J gabbles on about her inspiring lots of young people and Ariana insisting she’s not a diva.

Then there’s the fact that loads of people not old enough to remember the brilliance of the original (and its garage remix) will be humming the song and you’ll just know it won’t be the right one.

Plus, if our imagination has it right, there’ll be a no actual moodiness between Ariana and Jessie, all those twangy guitar basslines will be replaced by something suitably EDM and Jessie will warble from about halfway through the song until the very, bitter end.

And all the video will be based around WhatsApp messages instead of phones with cords in. Plus, if there is a remix, it’ll likely be done by Calvin Harris or a really reluctant hip hop producer.

So, let’s pour out a little cup of miserable libation for Monica and Brandy, to celebrate their accomplishments before their efforts are superceded:

Oh, and the remix:

On the plus side, not everything is going wrong in this world of music nostalgia: Alanis Morissette has released a music video about coffee, let’s remember her for a second:

And JoJo has finally broken free of the oodles of restrictions her first record label put her under to return to the world of music via another label. Her third album, which probably won’t be about coffee, is in the ‘wrapping it up’ stage and she expects to be ‘putting out a new single early next year.’

Don’t believe us? Leave! Get Out! It’s the end of you and me NO! It’s too late! Etc.

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