It’s Rumoured Katie Holmes Will Make A Cameo In Girls, So We Predict Our Dream Roles For Her

According to massively unsubstantiated rumours, the actress may be set to make an appearance on Lena Dunham's show.


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According to a probably very reliable source in a tabloid newspaper today, Katie Holmes and the cast of Girls have been 'hanging out' and together they’ve all been discussing what role Katie will play when she starts filming for the show in March.

It’s not the first time a 'Katie Holmes guest appearance in Girls' rumour has been bandied about. This whole thing started back in June when Katie Holmes and Lena Dunham were spotted having dinner together (apparently they had ‘crostini and cappelletti with truffle parmigiano’, because nothing spells out 'I'm offering you a guest slot on my show' like toast that's got an unecessarily high opinion on itself.)

Anwyays, if Katie IS set to start on on the show, there’s a number of roles she could probably do most excellently. Here’s a few we’ve thought of.

She’ll be Marnie’s older more perfect sister

Katie Holmes is cut from the same all-American, preppy n’ perfect cloth as Allison Williams, plus if Marnie had an older sister that did everything even better than her that might go some way to explaining why she’s such a stickler with a stick up her arse (which we'll admit is better than Desi's nose again). A lifetime of sibling competition will totally do that to a gal. We're imagining Katie's character with a high-flying job in advertising, an adorably hipster husband, oh and a much better voice than Marnie's - give Rita Wilson something to REALLY get excited about.

She’ll be Adam’s new 'famous' girlfriend

We’re hoping that Adam and Hannah don’t needlessly chuck their admittedly pretty-shitty-at-the-moment relationship out with yesterday’s trash but judging from episode one, that’s the way things are going. Since Adam’s in the showbiz world (sort of, depression medication adverts count right?) his next girlfriend could easily be a spoilt brat of a Z list actress who introduces Adam to new realms of glory like, a huge sense of deluded self importance and shitty premieres and parties for straight-to-DVD indie films that no-one will ever watch.

She’ll be Hannah’s new school nemesis

Remember Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek? MASSIVE swot. Post-Cruise, we know Katie Holmes is more than capable of being awesome, but whether it’s the straight-outta-Gap clothing or the nice swishy ponytails, there’s still a touch of Hermione Granger about her. We’re guessing from Hannah’s track record that she doesn’t deal well with authority, meaning her and the teacher's pet might not always see eye to eye.

Jessa will do a Phoebe Buffay in Friends alternate universe

Remember in Friends when the gang imagine that alternate universe where Rachel marries Barry and Phoebe takes a job at Merril Lynch and becomes a financial advisor who nearly dies twice of a heart attack before her 30th birthday? Yeah, we can totally imagine Jessa doing that, if only in an act of rebellion to herself. Katie Holmes would deffos make a banging version version of her new Marissa-Meyer esque boss.

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