Here’s The Perfect Illustrated Guide To Taylor Swift’s Extensive A-list Friendship Group

And where do Lena Dunham and Selena Gomez and all those other super famous friends fall on the buddy index?


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It’s becoming increasingly hard to keep track of Taylor Swift’s besties. At the Golden Globes she revealed that Lena Dunham is her ‘best friend’ and at the Grammys, LL Cool J was all, like, ‘my friend, Taylor Swift’. Random, but okaaaay, whatever. And which awards ceremony red carpet was it when she talked about the novella-length texts she and Jennifer Lawrence send one another? Wait, that might have been the Globes again.

The point is, this girl seemingly only has famous friends. We can conclude that if you’re a successful female, you can be sure T-Swift will be up in your face, procuring your digits and locking down some kind of girlie hang time, which may or may not be captured by paparazzi, or failing that, Instagram.

Vanity Fair created a LOLS illustration featuring the various categories of Swift’s buddies, from the ‘hipsters’ (Lena, Jaime) to the ‘rebels’ (Lorde, Cara) and even the ‘trendy moms’ (Gwyneth, Reese). The frenemies category is particularly intriguing, since it includes Miley, Katy and (gasp!) J-Law.

Now we know it’s only a fun illustration, but it’s totally food for thought.

Vanity Fair's image
Vanity Fair's image

Picture: Vanity Fair

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