Here’s Orange Is The New Black’s Laverne Cox Smartly Deflecting Some Weird Trans Questions

Appearing on The Wendy Williams show, she was asked some clumsy questions but answered with an envious level of patience...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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When it comes to trans issues and trans people, reporting has got a long way to go, and transwoman Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia in Orange Is The New Black, showed interviewer Wendy Williams up on her chat show, by answering with great tact and humility some of the questions flung at her.

As well as asking Laverne about her breast implants, Wendy wondered if Laverne's brother is also transgender - because they are twins. She also assumed that Chaz Bono, a white transman from a wealthy background, was an icon for her. But instead of laughing any of this off, Laverne answered with grace and eloquence.

Like, instead of answering the 'do you recall the moment in your life when you decided to go from male to female?' question with a glare (clue: it's not a decision), she describes it as 'an evolution'. She was also called 'a transgender' and asked if her twin brother was also trans. He's not, but he can act. As Laverne explained calmly he plays Marcus in the first series of Orange Is The New Black - that's Sophia, pre-transition. There's so much anger for her to have here, but she just lets it slide away.

Laverne also speaks about how much easier it was to transition when she left her small hometown in Alabama to art school. However, as this interview - which you can watch below - demonstrates, it's still hard out here.

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