There’s A New Ghostbusters Movie With Female Leads In The Works

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by Fiona Byrne |
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While Marvel has yet to greenlight a bona fide female superhero movie and doesn’t really have a great explanation about why it’s not been done yet, the people behind the Ghostbusters franchise are responding to audience’s desire for more female-led movies and are set to make a movie with a team of ghost-busting ladies.

The film is being described as a reboot as opposed to a remake or a sequel, and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is apparently number-one choice to direct and produce the new version.

Much like the first and second movies, the tone is comedy and the roles will go to comedy actresses. We can totally already see Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Mann suiting up for one of the roles.

The script is brand new and it’s not clear if it will be set in the famous Tribeca firehouse in New York. Basically, all we know is that it’s being written with female leads and Feig has talked to Sony about the project. He’s working with Melissa McCarthy on her new movie Spy, so it’s safe to say they work well together.

There's also an actual Ghostbusters 3 sequel in the works and Ivan Reitman (director of the original and the follow-up) was supposed to do the third movie but he quit the project earlier this year.

Hollywood has been trying to get a new Ghostbusters movie going for around six years. It’s not been said if the girls Ghostbusters flick is to replace the flailing Ghostbusters 3 or if will just be another leg of the franchise.

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