Here’s Harry Styles Offering A Fan Relationship Advice At Gig

Her 'Just Been Dumped' sign attracted the 1D-er's attention


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Scampish ladies' man Harry Styles might not initially appear to be the sort to hand out relationship advice – if the papers, his touring schedule or that smirk are anything to go by, he's not exactly up for settling down any time soon.

But he handed some worthwhile gems out to a fan at the band's Edinburgh leg of their Where We Are tour after spotting a sign saying 'Just Been Dumped.' ( In a sea of 'We Love You, Niall/Louis/Liam/Harry/Zayn' placards, it was sure to stand out).

He asked the fan: 'Just been dumped. Why?' We can't actually hear what the girl says – and I'm sure she couldn't either, through all of that screaming – but apparently it's 'because I came here'.

So Harry responded by repeating the question in a Geordie accent: '"Because I came here?" Why? Ah he doesn't like us. Well, you don't want a boyfriend like that. You don't, I'm telling you. You want someone who is supportive.'

Sarah Strain, the 24-year-old who'd been holding the placard, later told The Daily Record that she was lying on the sign, as she has a boyfriend: 'I know I told a lie about being dumped, and I’ll probably be dumped now, but it was worth it. Everyone was like, ‘Oh my god, he loves you. He just keeps looking over here now. His security were walking up and down looking and at one point I thought they might come over to me.'

The weirdest twist? Sarah's boyfriend Fraser works at* The Daily Record*. In an 'our man Fraser hits back' piece, he exclaims 'as long as Harry doesn't start flat-hunting in Renfrew, my relationship will be safe.'

Aw. Sounds like he is pretty supportive, after all. Let's hope, though, that this incident of crying wolf doesn't put Harry off from giving out any other relationship tips. Because we'd love to hear many more of his bon mots.

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