Is Ryan Reynolds Being Held Hostage In This Picture Of Him Next To #HiddleSwift?

Ryan, are you OK hun?

Is Ryan Reynolds Being Held Hostage In This Picture Of Him Next To #HiddleSwift?

by Alyss Bowen |
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Monday saw the annual Taylor Swift and celebrity pals 4th of July party. They wore matching swimsuits in red, white and blue, ran across the sand and posed for about a trillion photos that look so staged it makes me feel uneasy.

Oh, and Ryan Reynolds popped by, casual. He also posed for the most sickening celeb photo ever to surface on the internet. Ryan, along with his pregnant wife Blake Lively (who was sitting on his lap), posed next to Taylor, who sat on her ‘new lover’ Tom Hiddleston’s lap on one side. Then Taylor’s childhood friend, Britany Mack, perched on her hubby’s lap on the other side. It all looked very peachy, they all wore matching couple shoes but mainly, we couldn’t take our eyes of how much Ryan looks like he’s being held hostage.

And nor could the internet. Ryan, mate, are you OK hun? Do you need us to send help? Let the tweets commence

Is that enough? We’ll stop now…We suspect he is probably fine, maybe just a little overwhelmed by the whole 4th of July celebrations and the fact he's managed to blag Blake Lively as a wife. That or he's being held hostage by Taylor Swift and being forced to participate in her grand music video plan.

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