Ryan Gosling Will Snog You This Valentine’s Day

Thankyou, The Internet...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
Published on

Well done, The Internet, for today you have not only given us a way of seeing the gifts our smug coupled-up friends have got for each other, shared on every form of social media, but you have given us the gift of Gos. Ryan Gosling, to be precise.

At kissingryan.com, all you need is a camera on your computer and you can take a little photo of yourself with Ryan Gosling giving you a big kiss. And he’ll cradle your face! And if you’re not into Ryan so much, you can just throw him some shade by turning left when you take the photo. Frankly, the options are taking us all the way through our lunchbreak.

Seriously, check out The Debrief team getting frisky with him below:



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