Ryan Gosling Eats Cereal In Tribute Video

He undoes the ‘Ryan Gosling can’t eat cereal’ meme in honour of Ryan McHenry, who died after a battle with cancer…

Ryan Gosling Eats Cereal In Tribute Video

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Ryan Gosling has become a bit of a myth, not only for the ‘Hey girl…’ male feminist quotes attributed to him, but because of his point-blank refusal to eat cereal.

Ages ago, a Scottish Vine star called Ryan McHenry filmed a series of vines of his hand putting a spoonful of cereal near Ryan’s mouth (on a screen) as he wretched, pulled faces and batted his hands about in disgust. The series, called ‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ looks better than it sounds:

And sadly, after a two-year battle with bone cancer, Ryan McHenry has died, aged 27. To pay tribute to McHenry, Gosling filmed himself finally eating some cereal.

He then tweeted:

Not only did Gosling enjoy a bowlful of Cornflakes, but the attention given the vine means more people have been donating to a sarcoma research charity in McHenry’s memory, which is pretty lovely.

See, Gosling might have been able to undo the myth that he couldn’t eat cereal, but the myth that he’s an all-round great guy? It looks to be fact, doesn’t it?

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