Russian Fans Are Melting Their Jewellery To Make Leonardo DiCaprio His Very Own Oscar

Because it's about bloody time someone gave the man one (even if it's not real)

Russian Fans Are Melting Their Jewellery To Make Leonardo DiCaprio His Very Own Oscar

by Alyss Bowen |
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If you haven’t already heard, everyone’s favourite bear lover Leonardo Dicaprio might be getting an Oscar this year. No we’re not psychic and can’t look into the future (although we are crossing all our fingers and toes for you Leo, promise). Instead his adoring female fans in Russia are taking Oscar matters into their own hands and melting down all their prized jewellery (we’re guessing it’s more actual fancy jewels than old Topshop chains), to Leo's first ever Oscar statuette. Check out the video below if you don't believe us.

The brains behind the ‘Oscar for Leo’ campaign group is Tatyana Yeogorova, who told Russia’s TASS news agency that the group (located in northeastern Yakutia) had discussed doing this for some time, but after watching The Revenant (you know, that film everyone’s banging on about because Leo slept in an animal carcass), pushed them to go ahead and make Oscar dreams and reality.

Some Twitter users obviously had some thing to say about all this, and we love them for it.

Literally always salty for Leo <3

The statuette won’t be solid gold, because well, that would be ridiculously expensive. Instead it’ll be made up of gold and silver, standing around 12 inches tall (depending on how many people donate). Around 100 fans have donated to the cause so far.

So, in conclusion, donate your metal people, give Leo what he’s wanted for what seems like 12 million years! It might not mean as much as an actual Oscar, but we reckon he’d place it on his mantelpiece so he can stare at it as he watches the new season of The Walking Dead – because that’s just the kind of guy (we hope) he is.

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