‘Russell Brand’s Wrong – Vote First, Complain Later’ Says Paloma Faith

Her suggestion seems a lot more achievable than all-out revolution, doesn't it?

‘Russell Brand’s Wrong - Vote First, Complain Later’ Says Paloma Faith

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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With fewer than 50 days to go until the general election, Paloma Faith had a little pop at her mate Russell Brand – and yes, it is political.

The singer is using her fame and ability to sell (her album sold bazillions last year) to promote politics at her live gigs. As well as getting left-wing commentator Owen Jones to be her support act at her London and Brighton shows, she explains at her gigs how UKIP’s anti-immigration policies would basically see bands like hers (and herself, as she has a Spanish father) just evaporate into thin air.

And now? She’s condemned the opinions of her fellow lefty, Russell Brand, saying that his book, which encouraged people to revolt and not vote was a bad idea: ‘I do think it was irresponsible… he played more into the hands of power again. Because the powerful always vote, they’ll always vote. It’s in their interest to vote,’ she says.

‘I think Russell Brand’s wrong [on this]. We need to vote first, then complain.’

It makes huge sense. Of the people who actually registered to vote for the 2010 election, only 34.9% of them actually voted. The argument goes that if people actually bother to vote, they could get a more accountable government in.

Paloma’s currently torn between Labour and the Green Party: ‘There’s something empathetic and caring about the Green party that appeals to me.’

But she’s definitely anti-UKIP: ‘If you look closely at the way they’re articulating it, it’s a very extreme right-wing attitude’.

You can watch what she says about politics here – and see how it goes down with her fans. She also says some very interesting stuff about the difficulties of being a woman in the public eye. Check the video out!

Register to vote at gov.uk/register-to-vote

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