Robin Thicke’s Dad Has Sex To Robin’s Music

Disturbing, we know…

Robin Thicke’s Dad Has Sex To Robin’s Music

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Blurred Lines, for all its faults, is unbearably catchy. Just writing about it makes it earworm into our brains and now we’re wondering if we ever consented to hearing that funky beat on loop in our head. But anyway, Robin Thicke’s dad Alan also enjoys another one of Robin’s songs, the subtly-titled Sex Therapy.

‘When we do get freaky, we love [Robin’s song] Sex Therapy,’ he said on his reality show Unusually Thicke (we’re not sure if ‘thick’ means ‘stupid’ in America, too), before adding: ‘You have to admit, it’s a great song to get in the mood.’

The creepiest part? It’s not even one of Robin’s biggest songs, and definitely sounds like sub-Justin Timberlake. And the video is pretty creepy, too:

Plus, Robin whisper-sings ‘the doctor’s ready for you,’ which must be a bit troubling to hear mid-tryst as a 68-year-old. FYI, Alan’s sleeping with his wife Tanya Callau, who’s 28 years his junior.

Robin, responded to his dad’s lusty comments via Twitter:

With a dad like this, there’s no wonder as to where Robin got it from.

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