‘All I Ever Wanted To Do Was Make People Smile’ – Rita Ora On Her New Jewellery Collaboration

Rita chats to Grazia about Madonna, the Spice Girls and her collaboration with THOMAS SABO.

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Rita Ora might have become famous for her music, but in the eight years since she released her debut album, she has established herself as a fully fledged fashion star. Nothing is too bright, too bold or fun for the singer - yet she still somehow always manages to look chic, put together and ultra glamorous.

So it makes sense, then, that THOMAS SABO have snapped her up to front their latest campaign. Rita has already turned her hand to designing shoes, but now - like a fabulous magpie - she has her sights set on jewellery, and she’s collaborated with the brand for an otherworldly collection of trinkets. Here, she chats to Grazia about what can be found in her jewellery box and her style inspiration (Spolier: it's the legendary Madonna).

What are your first jewellery memories?

Jewellery is definitely part of my life! I can’t remember my very first piece, but there is a special piece which I received from my grandmother - her engagement ring. At that time, she had given her wedding ring to my older sister. I was so jealous so she gave me her engagement ring.

In terms of preferences, when I was younger I preferred to wear silver jewellery. Now I am a huge fan of all kinds of metals – from silver to gold, colours and glitz and love to mix and match. I love to collect pieces that remind me of special moments in life and reflect my past, present and future.

Why did you want to get involved with Thomas Sabo?

THOMAS SABO has been with me since I was a teenager, my friends and I always wore THOMAS SABO bracelets. When we started working together in 2019, it was a very special moment. THOMAS SABO jewellery is a woman’s best companion and has something everyone can relate to. Our current campaign for spring/summer reminds you to see the magic surrounding us, not only in special moments, but also in every-day life and really for me is an expression of the magic of jewellery. There is nothing better than representing a brand which has values that I believe in.

How does your public style differ from your private style?

It doesn’t, and I am definitely always a bit of a style chameleon! The ability to express myself through my outfits is a true privilege for me and it has been part of my life since I was a younger.

Who are your style inspirations, in jewellery and fashion on a broader scale?

Oh, my inspiration probably relates back to the 90s, like the Madonna or Kate Moss style, for example. They have always been my role models on how to express your attitude through style.

What musicians from previous generations have inspired your aesthetic and style journey?

Madonna, of course. Also, Spice Girls, Jennifer Lopez and until recently Beyoncé, have been incredibly inspiring for me. I guess, seeing what these women have achieved has taught me to not being afraid to dream.

What is on your music bucket list that you are yet to tick off?

You know, all I ever wanted to do is make people smile, laugh, and dance with my music and I am so happy my dream came true. I just want to keep entertaining people. Lots of exciting things coming up that I can’t talk about yet!

What can you tell us about your work on Twist?

I am actually really excited about my new film Twist with Michael Caine, David Walliams and Lena Headley which puts the Oliver Twist story into a modern-day London setting and is coming out this year. I am not yet allowed to talk about my role in detail, but I have always loved acting and I’ve had the most incredible time on set!

Do you hope to continue acting and what part would you love to tackle?

Music will always be my first love! But growing up in London means being surrounded by so much creativity and I think this makes me want to experiment more with all kind of creative things like acting or fashion.

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