Is Rita Ora ‘Becky With The Good Hair’ From Beyonce’s Lemonade Album? Who Even Knows

Becky with the good hair is causing issues, again

Is Rita Ora ‘Becky With The Good Hair’ From Beyonce’s Lemonade Album? Who Even Knows

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Did you know that Beyonce dropped her new visual album,* Lemonade*, at the weekend on TIDAL? Oh you did? Good, because the rest of the world obviously does too, and there’s already like a thousand and one conspiracies about it floating around on the world wide web. One of them being that Rita Ora is ‘Becky with the good hair’ from B’s song ‘Sorry.’

Now, this isn’t the first times fans have speculated about who this Becky with the good hair is. Over the space of four days, Rachel Roy(Kim K’s friend and Jay-Z’s ex-partner) has come under fire after she posted an Instagram. But now, the heat is on Rita Ora.

And it’s all because of a snapchat story Rita posted a couple of days before* Lemonade* dropped. Said Snapchat was a picture of Rita wearing a cute little bralette (more importantly: where is this from and why can’t we get one?) with a lemon patch on each boob. Naturally fans went into OVERDRIVE because of the lemon reference.

Rita didn’t stop there, yesterday she wore the exact same dress Bey wears in the Formation video. Definitely to shake things up, defintely 'accidentally' on purpose. And then she went on Instagram and posted a movie poster from the 1973 film Ash Wednesday, with Elizabeth Taylor holding pearls up to her face. I didn’t have a clue what this reference meant until I googled it. This is what I learnt about the film: it’s all about a woman who gets plastic surgery to try and save her marriage, her daughter warns her not too. She goes to a ski resort and gets attention from younger men so contemplates an affair, while still clinging on to her marriage. The end.

In short these cryptic posts are getting out of hand, and we’re all guilty of obsessing over them, myself included. Rita may or may not be Becky with the good hair, but Beyonce, Jay-Z AND Rita Ora all know what they’re doing. Feeding us with these ‘rumors.’ It's natural to feel intrigued by these celebs who sit at the top of the ladder, we're fascinated by what goes on in their private (but really, not so private) lives but is it time to just stop. There's no doubt that over this next week, more rumours will come about who this 'Becky' is, or that Rita Ora will get inventive again on social media, but we all need to chill out. I for one am going to attempt to steer clear of it by listening to Lemonade the whole way through instead.

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