Rihanna Wins Met Gala By Wearing More Clothes Than All Attendees Put Together

She’s also one of very few to wear a Chinese designer to a Chinese-themed event…

Rihanna Wins Met Gala By Wearing More Clothes Than All Attendees Put Together

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Last night, at the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé turned up wearing practically the same outfit of, well, nothing. Kim might have been in Roberto Cavalli by Peter Dundas, and Beyoncé was in Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci. But both of them were wearing absolutely sheer gowns, save for the sequins and shiny bits strategically placed to cover the bits they didn’t want us to see.

We’re totally cool with an emperor’s new clothes approach to fashion, it’s quite funny to stir the sensibilities of people who are totally conflicted by a) thinking fashion’s a load of poppycock because, well, it’s all about dresses and silly things like that and look, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian aren’t even wearing anything and b) fancying the pants off of both of them in their gowns.

But. Both of them were wearing pretty much what Rihanna wore to the CFDAs last year. So what did Rihanna wear to the Met Gala? Well, considering there was a theme of ‘China: Through the Looking Glass’ to match up to the Metropolitan Museum’s show of the same name, it was a pretty good idea that Rihanna wore a yellow number designed by an actual Chinese designer, Guo Pei.

Meanwhile, most of her cohorts saw fit to play at Chinese outfits desgined by non-Chinese people – most exceptionally exampled in Sarah Jessica Parker’s dragon-themed headdress made by Philip Treacy.

We say Rihanna wore a ‘yellow number’ because her dress was basically a satin jacket with a fur trim. But it was so much more than than, with a train longer than some actual trains can be in rural towns. The singer was basically wearing more fabric than the entire attendee list put together, and arguably stole the show.

The last time we saw her wear so much fur was the iHeartRadio Awards, where she rocked a bright green faux-fur Versace jacket. But this time? It’s just so gargantuan, it’s next-level awesome. And apart from looking pretty heavy there’s only one problem we have with it:

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