The Reaction To Rihanna’s Leg Hair Shows Us Just How Much We’re Used To Seeing Hairless Woman


by Phoebe Parke |

If you don’t keep up with Rihanna's Instagram posts regularly I’m not sure what excuse you could possibly have. Maybe you’re on a social media hiatus or got paranoid about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and so deleted social media apps all together.

Either way, Rihanna’s Instagram feed is worth a scroll. From sneak peeks at her upcoming lingerie line to outfit pics, she uses the platform to build hype around her latest launches and give us an insight into what it’s really like to be her.

After posting a series of pictures of her lounging, with the caption; ‘when u can’t wait for summer.’ Instagram snoops noticed something; she had hair on her legs.

Shock, horror and surprise. Cue literally thousands of Instagram comments and tweets about how amazing is it that she hasn’t shaved her legs and how not shaving is the new trend.

Hold on a second now, let’s take a breath.

Rihanna is a truly wonderful and talented woman, but is leg hair really that revolutionary?

What this shows us is just how much we’ve got used to seeing completely hairless women. Kim Kardashian famously lasered off all her body hair from the eyebrows down, and how often do you see a celeb leg these days with even one hair?

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Some Instagrammers also thought they could see stretch marks in one of the images, but it turns out it was an illusion; ‘I got stretch marks but that’s the sun’ she replied.

If Rihanna has inspired you to not shave this summer and to bear your stretch marks with pride, then that’s great, but calling this revolutionary just makes all of us look a little foolish.

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