Rihanna Injured In Electric Scooter Accident

Reports say that the singer is thankfully ok now.

rihanna electric scooter

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Rihanna injured herself in an electric scooter accident last week - ouch! - but, thankfully, the singer is reportedly all OK now. (Phew, we were worried there.) After photos surfaced on Friday of the singer with a black eye and swelling to the face, TMZdiscovered that the injuries happened after Rihanna fell off a scooter.

(We never trusted electric scooters anyway.)

In the painful sounding incident, the site report that the scooter smacked her in the face and forehead, leaving the nasty injuries. 'Rihanna is completely fine now but flipped over on an electric scooter last week and bruised her forehead and face,' a rep for Rihanna told People. The rep added: 'Luckily there were no major injuries and she is healing quickly.'

Of course, this news comes after Simon Cowell recently broke his back thanks to an electric bike, after falling off one at his Malibu home{ =nofollow}. 'Some good advice...' he said, following the accident. 'If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time. I have broken part of my back.' (Some good advice, tbh.)

Now that we know Rihanna is alright - we just hope she can release R9 soon, please? The popstar recently said the much-anticipated album might be dropping sooner than fans - aka all of us - think. She said during promo for Fenty Skin in June: ‘It’s probably going to be sooner than fans think but I’m just going to leave that alone because I’ve got enough stress and questions like, “R9, where’s the album?” They don’t leave me alone. I haven’t neglected them, I still got you. Music is still my baby.’

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