We Finally Know What Rihanna And Donald Glover Were Working On In Cuba

And it's coming to Amazon Prime this weekend!

All The Projects We Hope Rihanna And Donald Glover Are Working On In Cuba Right Now

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After months of speculation we finally know what talented duo Rihanna and Donald Gloverwere up to in Havana, Cuba. They were filming Guava Island, a tropical thriller which will premiere at Coachella this weekend, and then go on to Amazon Prime on Saturday.

The BBC reports that it will be free to watch for the first 18 hours.

After Rihanna was spotted in Havana, Cuba with Donald Glover, the rumour mill went into overdrive with people trying to work out what the pair could be up to.

As they are both musical and on-screen geniuses – it was hard to know what they could be doing out there, but that didn't stop people guessing.

Before we knew what was really going on, here are all the things we hoped they were working on, from most to least realistic…


Rihanna and Donald Glover - Grazia

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A new movie called Guava Island

Cuban magazine Vistar reports that Rihanna and Donald Glover are filming scenes for an upcoming movie called Guava Island. Here's their version of events; 'Rihanna's stay on the island coincides with what appears to be the filming of a movie titled Guava Island, where the singer shares a cast with American actor and comedian Donald Glover. According to sources close to the magazine, the director of this film is in charge of the director Hiro Murai and the actors Nonso Anozie and Letitia Wright also participate. The film had as locations some little crowded places of the capital, among them, the textile factory of the Alamar municipality and the Abreu Fontán Social Circle in Miramar.'

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A music video to be debuted at the diamond ball

However since the name Hiro Murai is involved, some people think they are working on a music video, since he directed Childish Gambino (Donald Glover's musical persona)'s 'This Is America'. Since Donald Glover is set to perform at the Diamond Ball on September 13th, might be bring Rihanna out to perform a new song? The Diamond Ball raises money for the Clara Lionel Foundation, and was started by Rihanna in 2012 to improve health, education arts and culture around the world.

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A new sitcom set in Cuba

We're sure Netflix would be the first to snap up a series starring these two, written by Glover and featuring Letitia Wright. And we'd be the first ones to binge watch it.

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An ad clothing for a underwear collaboration

Glover and Rihanna have both taken some serious risks with their red carpet style, would it be such a stretch to imagine Glover designing his own line of briefs? Savage x Glover anyone?

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The promo images for their new musical venture, RiGlover

Well, a girl can dream.

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