Rihanna Designed A Coat That Isn’t A Coat And What Even Is A Coat Anymore

In which we try to decipher WTF is going on with this coat backpack situation

Rihanna Designed A Coat That Isn't A Coat And What Even Is A Coat Anymore

by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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It’s one of life’s big questions: when does a coat stop being coat? Well, we think we’ve found the answer: when it becomes a backpack.

Exhibit A: Rihanna’s new Fenty Puma Bomber-Jacket Backpack. At first glance, this fur-hooded number looks like a genius mix between a coat and a backpack, which could actually be quite useful.


But this is Rihanna, and if you’re Rihanna, your clothes don’t need to be useful. They just need to look good. Although we’ll leave you to decide whether this coat/backpack combo meets that requirement either.

But anyway, upon closer inspection it transpires that this is not, in fact, a coat, but rather a backpack with sleeves and a hood, sneakily masquerading itself as a warm winter bomber. This, ladies and gentleman, is a backpack in disguise. You cannot, we repeat, you cannot put your arms in the sleeves. This is purely a backpack with arms as accessories.

So why, you ask, make a backpack that looks like a coat with sleeves you can’t actually wear? Well why the hell not! This is fashun and it isn’t meant to make sense, it’s just meant to confuse you so much that you spend $450 on it. And there is a small bit of compensation - you can actually wear the hood.

Of course this isn’t Rihanna’s first backpack misdemeanour - and we bet it won’t be her last. Cast your mind back to 2014 when RiRi donned a navy star patterned backpack that was almost bigger than her. Literally. If you measured the square feet of that fabric you could easily fit an average sized human being inside it.

And then there was that other time in 2015, when Rihanna made a subversive comment on society’s incessant need to label things by wearing a backpack that was quite possibly not a backpack and actually a giant cuddly rabbit toy.

We eagerly await the next backpack in RiRi's backpack saga.

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