Rihanna Celebrated Turning 26 With A Fags And Hot Chocolate Fuelled Hot Tub Party

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by Sophie Wilkinson |
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While New York finally recovers from a January and February spent swaddled under a thick blanket of snow, Rihanna stole away to Aspen, Colorado, to celebrate her 26th birthday. Considering she's got a place in Barbados, and she is incredibly rich, it's interesting that she quietly packed off to the Rockies instead of having a big party for all her mates somewhere so hot you can't breathe. But the cold weather didn't stop her from putting on a lovely snow-white bikini and posing for some outdoor shots.


Doing what she does and sharing about 20 photos to Instagram any time anything really fun happens, Rihanna is pictured horsing around in the snow during the day, sensibly dressed in boots and skiwear. Later on, there are some shots of her in a peach crop-top and Cher Lloyd's ripped jeanslooking, in turns, bored and excited by the massive birthday cake in her arms. Later on, she posed in the snow wearing just a bikini and an oversized leather jacket, looking like she didn't give a shit about the cold.




Our favourite shot of her though - and hopefully one she adds to the repertoire no matter where she might be in the world - is the one of her looking seductively at the camera as she sits in a hot tub, leather glove with a Jamaica-flag trim detail on one hand, Sobranie cigarette in the other, ski goggles atop her perfect, glossy fringe and a hot chocolate propped up on the side. There's no rhyme nor reason to it, but doesn't she look great?


One person who's sad to have missed out on the party is none other than Cara Delevingne, who Instagrammed a photo of the time they first met, along with this caption: 'Happy birthday @badgalriri This picture means so much to me because it was the first time we met and you have been such an incredible friend ever since. You are such a strong and truly inspiring woman and i am so lucky to have you in my life! I love you boo and thank you for supporting me through so much ❤'


Awww! If that doesn't warm Rihanna's heart, well then, she should probably stop running about in the snow in her pants!


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