Reese Witherspoon Revisits Elle Woods For Legally Blonde’s 15th Anniversary

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If ever there was a time to take a trip down memory lane, that time is now.

Reese Witherspoon has been celebrating Legally Blonde’s 15th anniversary in serious Elle Woods style, in an mega ode to her iconic character that made us all want to apply to Harvard Law School and wear pink every day.

Changing her profile picture to Miss Woods and her Bessie (her dog, Bruiser). Powerful - and pink, obvs - Legally Blonde quotes. Sharing Snapchat videos of all the cool costumes from the movie. It's all there.

Oh and an actual bend and snap masterclass. Seriously.

This is everything

The Bend And Snap Masterclass

Life Quote Of The Day

The Ultimate Comeback

The Party Outfit

When Elle Woods Gave Cameron Diaz Advice

Best Theme Tune Ever


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