This Is The Reason You’ve Never Seen Taylor Swift In Her Sweaty Gym Clothes

She supposedly spends an hour putting her face on after working out


by Fiona Byrne |
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If you’ve ever wondered why you never, ever see Taylor Swift looking anything but flawless, well there’s a very good reason. Apparently, the singer spends a whole hour doing hair and a full make-up look after she works out at the gym.

The New York Daily News talked to a mole who says that the 22-year-old goes to the Model Fit gym on the Bowery in New York City every day at the same time to work out with trainer Justin Gelband, who gets all those Victoria’s Secret angels in shape.

Because the paps know where she’ll be every day, Taylor makes sure she looks amazing for every picture. We just had a quick Google and she does look remarkably perfect leaving the gym. And the picture above is actually her leaving that gym the other day. The average human does not look like that leaving the gym.

Taylor owns an enormous loft in Tribeca so she could surely fit a gym inside and work out in the privacy of her own home and not have to deal with the paparazzi aspect at all. Maybe her trainer won’t do house calls? Or maybe she actually enjoys her daily photocall? After all, there’s no more perfect way to show off her vast collection of tea dresses!

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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