We’re A Bit Done With Chloe Moretz Being Asked About Brooklyn Beckham

They might both be famous, for different reasons, but do we really need to know if 15-year-old Brooklyn Beckham is going out with 17-year-old Chloe Moretz?


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We all agree that it’s totally adorable that Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham might/might not be a thing, but after seeing a video of two chat show hosts asking her what the deal is with her, 17, and Brooklyn, 15, we think it might be best to back off.

Chloe’s been asked in several interviews recently about the constant celebrity gossip regarding what her relationship status is with Brooklyn, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, and has always refused to say anything, explaining that she’s way too young to have ideas of what a boyfriend is. ‘I don’t even know what dating is at this point. It’s all so stupid… why can’t you just hang out with each other?’ she told one paper.

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But it feels like we’ve reached our limits with the whole are-they-or-aren’t-they. Maybe because here we have two older men goading a teenager about her relationship, or perhaps it’s because there is no bloody way she’s ever going to say what’s going on so we might as well stop asking. It could possibly be because there so totally is something going on and maybe the pair want to keep as many details under wraps so that Brooklyn’s young fans – who are besotted with him – don’t go too haywire via social media. (We’re sure Chloe would have some young fans sexually obsessed with her if boys weren’t so encouraged to go out and do things other than fancy people).

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Regardless of why, it’s clear that Chloe still doesn’t want to say anything about her alleged relationship with Brooklyn, who she’s been spotted hanging out with a lot this summer.

As well telling the viewer who called in to ‘confirm or deny whether you and Brooklyn Beckham are more than friends,’ they were ‘naughty… that’s a naughty question!’ she shows some discomfort at the line of questioning by saying to another guest on the show ‘you have a 16-year-old daughter, you could ask her these questions, too!’

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She plays along with the questioning, by saying: 'I don’t know… he’s a very good guy. He’s a good person, I enjoying hanging out with him!' and talks about how she admires Victoria Beckham’s work ethic, but there’s something a tiny bit unsettling about this interview… maybe we should all accept that we’ll just never know what’s going on between the pair. This lack of pressure and expectation would, after all, make it a lot more exciting when they do dress up in matching polo-necks and announce their engagement and marry on a pair of purple thrones…

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