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The Real Reason Why The Queen Carries Transparent Umbrellas

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It's not just because she wants to keep dry...

As the Queen of England you’re going to see a fair bit of rain, so it’s no surprise the monarch has a tried and tested solution for a rainy day.

When stepping out for royal duties the Queen protects her outfit and perfectly coiffed royal curls with a transparent umbrella – a birdcage design by Scottish brand Fulton to be specific, who have the royal warrant for umbrella manufacturing, meaning they can advertise the fact they supply the royal family with goods.

There’s a good reason why the Queen carries the transparent version of the birdcage umbrella – so that people can see her clearly. This is also the reason she always wears bright colours, when the Queen is around there are huge crowds of people who have come out to see her, so she wants them to be sure it’s her when she shows up.

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Her trick took off at New York Fashion Week this year since the rain kept coming. Influencers and editors alike borrowed style tips from the Queen to protect those all-important fashion week looks while staying dry and making sure the photographers got a good shot of their street-style looks.

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We will have to wait and see if the Queen shows up at London Fashion Week this season – it was a major moment when she sat front row at Richard Quinn’s show in February 2018 next to fashion queen Anna Wintour.