Queen Letizia Of Spain Has The Same Ex-Husband Drama As Meghan Markle

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Break ups. They’re hard, they cause you pain and you’ll probably feel a weird jolt of either remorse or disgust when you see the other party crop up on your Facebook feed (because despite this being 2018, it’s still always Facebook, isn’t it?) Whatever the turmoil, though, us norms can generally count upon the fact that our ex is unlikely to use the story as a basis for a TV show, say, or maybe a talked-about novel. So, take a moment to sympathise with Meghan Markle and Queen Letizia of Spain, who are both grappling with that very niche problem.

Meghan and Letizia have plenty in common. Both have had successful and high profile careers before marrying into their respective Firms, Meghan as an actress and Letizia as a news anchor. Neither have aristocratic roots. And both were previously married before falling in love with royalty. Letizia married Alonso Guerrero Pérez, a high school teacher and – warning klaxon – writer, in a civil ceremony in 1998, divorcing a year later. Meghan, meanwhile, married film and TV producer – double warning klaxon – Trevor Engelson, in 2011, eventually separating in May 2013 and divorcing shortly after.

Water under the bridge, you might think – until it was announced last year that Engelson was working on a show that bore remarkable similarities to his ex’s current situation. The premise? A Fox comedy about what might (might) happen when the a former spouse marries into the British royal family, and – here’s where it differs from reality – leaving the lead character to enter a custody sharing agreement with the world’s most famous family. Naturally, the network guaranteed that the show is ‘fictional’ and that ‘the lead characters are not based on Markle or Engelson, but who are they kidding?

Now, in an unlikely parallel, it’s been announced that Letizia’s ex has something similar up his sleeve: he’ll soon publish a book titled El amor de Penny Robinson, or The Love of Penny Robinson, which will reportedly take inspiration from his marriage, their break-up and her second, rather more high profile marriage. Oh, and the main character is named Alonso Guerrero. Meta, hey.

Guerrero Pérez is being pretty transparent about the source of his ‘novel,’ with his publisher promising (per Royal Central) the ‘unprecedented true story’ of the ‘transformation of a man with a life without fear into a media character […] by the fact of having been married to the one who was to become the Queen of Spain.’ With a further enigmatic twist, it’s described as ‘a fiction that could become reality, but also a reality that needs fiction to seem credible.’ We’ll leave you to unpick the many nuances of that particular paradox, and to seek solace in imagining that Letizia and Meghan are Whatsapping each other messages of support in these strange times.

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A Definitive Ranking Of The Most Stylish Princesses In The World

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CREDIT: grazia

9. Princess Elizabeth von Thurn und Taxis

As style editor-at-large of US Vogue, it's unsurprising that German journalist Princess Elizabeth von Thurn und Taxis made it onto this list. Although she has frequently courted controversy – not least for a few tasteless Instagram posts – there's no denying her innate sense of style, something which has seen her befriending some of the world's best designers and sitting on their front rows. Just one look at her Instagram is enough to make you want to go shopping – albeit on a tighter budget…

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CREDIT: grazia

8. Princess Tatiana of Greece

If there's any royal family whose wardrobe we'd like to raid, it would definitely be the Greeks: after all, three of their number feature on this list. When Princess Tatiana married into the family she brought with her an enviably stylish pedigree: born in Venezuela but raised in Europe, she attended boarding school in Switzerland and lived in London, working at Diane von Furstenberg before her marriage, all of which contributed to her taste for exotic, refined things. Case in point is her wedding, which saw guests asked to wear kaftans and sandals rather than black tie. More comfortable in jeans and sneakers than she is in a ballgown, she's famously self-effacing about her title – but that doesn't stop her doing it with style.

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7. Princess Charlene of Monaco

Before she joined one of the most famously stylish royal families in the world, Princess Charlene of Monaco was an Olympic swimmer for her native South Africa, with a body to match. With such an athletic build, she was obviously always going to look great in clothes, but her penchant for chic monochrome ensembles and her perennially elegant short hairstyle ensure she fits right in with the fashionable dynasty.

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6. Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

With her own childrenswear brand and a position on a board at luxury conglomerate LVMH (the owners of Louis Vuitton, Dior and Givenchy) it's safe to say that Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece has a keen interest in all things sartorial. The British-born royal was working for Andy Warhol when she was set up on a blind date with the Crown Prince of Greece, with her wedding being one of the most glamorous of the '90s thanks to her exquisite high-neck Valentino gown. Indeed, she's good friends with the designer, whose clothes she often wears, while also being a regular on the front row at Dior.

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5. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Often compared to our own Duchess of Cambridge, the elegant, tall, brunette heir to the Swedish throne has a similar approach when it comes to fashion: wear local, recycle, and have a polished 'off-duty' wardrobe. This sartorial trifecta was seen in action on the monarch-to-be's recent trip to Japan: she wore Swedish designers Camilla Thulin, Stylein and Tiger of Sweden, as well as high street giant H&M, she sported Adidas Stan Smiths, and she rewore a favourite Elie Saab dress as well as a gown first worn by her mother in 1978. Talk about a hand-me-down.

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4. Charlotte Casiraghi

When Grace Kelly is your grandmother, you're pretty much certain to inherit not just a great wardrobe but also an interest in fashion: chicness is in the genes. Eighth-in-line to the throne, Charlotte Casiraghi might not style herself as a princess, but she's certainly royal. A muse of Karl Lagerfeld, friend of Stella McCartney and collaborator with Gucci, she's definitely got the credentials – plus the wardroe - and we're really jealous of her holiday wardrobe.

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3. Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece

She just celebrated her 21st birthday with a very risqué thigh-high split dress accessorised with Gucci trainers, so it's safe to say that despite her age Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece is already known for her daring style (the party theme? 'revolutionise your black tie') The daughter of another princess on our list, Princess Marie-Chantal, she has cleared inherited her mother's interest in clothes (she interned with the couture department aged 17), not to mention her enviable clothes-horse-esque body (she's modelled for the likes of Town & Country and Teen Vogue and walked for Dolce & Gabbana).

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2. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Frequently voted the most stylish royal in the world, the Australian-born Crown Princess Mary of Denmark certainly has a knack for dressing the part. In an age when some factions of the royal family are keen to emphasise their relatability, with reduced spending on designer wardrobes, Princess Mary's is unapologetically regal and glamorous. Known for championing young designers – wearing a floral Erdem gown for Norway's national celebrations last year – as well as patronising the old guard – with Valentino rockstuds and MaxMara wrap coats – you can tell she enjoys getting dressed in the morning, and we salute her for it.

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1. Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand

If there were a prize for most enthusiastic fashionista on this list, the Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand would undoubtedly get the title. As it is, she's been crowned Most Stylish Princess In The World instead. A regular on the front row at couture, a designer in her own right (she showed in Paris a few seasons ago) and with a wardrobe that boasts pieces by Chanel, Balmain and Hermes, shrinking violet and modest style maven she is not. Unafraid to experiment with more out there, non-princessy looks – including exaggerated shoulders, leather and tuxedos - she's definitely changing the face of modern royal fashion.

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