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Does The Queen Think Kate Middleton Should 'Lean In?'

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The Queen is unimpressed by the Duchess of Cambridge’s desire to scale back her work duties while expecting her third child, if new reports are to be believed.

According to Life & Style magazine, the monarch was not the happiest after receiving a call from her grandson, in which the second in line to the throne asked for his wife to be excused from upcoming public events. Kate, who will welcome her third child next April, is still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a particularly acute form of morning sickness which has forced her to keep a low profile in recent weeks. Per Life & Style, though, the Duchess is reportedly happiest as a stay-at-home mother to Prince George, four, and Princess Charlotte, two, and wants to majorly scale back her royal schedule accordingly.

‘The 91-year-old monarch was livid that the future Queen of England would want to lessen her duties,’ a source told the magazine. ‘[William] told her Kate wants her public appearances kept to a minimum and he’s 100 percent behind her. The conversation was quite icy.’

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‘Kate’s miserable about doing royal engagements. She’s happiest being a mother and wife and has requested to do less in the public eye,’ the source added – though we’d certainly be hard-pressed to describe Kate’s recent twirl with Paddington Bear as anything approaching miserable...

In other words, it’s a conundrum that many women might face when starting a family, albeit played out on a more public scale (and with more LK Bennett court shoes) in this particular instance. Should having children impact upon a woman’s career ambitions? And if a woman is happy to stay at home with her children, does she really deserve censure?

The Queen, meanwhile, seems to subscribe to the ‘lean in’ school of thought. Coming to the throne aged just 25 (and already mother to two young children), she’s followed a packed schedule of engagements in the UK and beyond ever since - and shows few signs of slowing down. Unlike the rest of us, the royals certainly don’t have to worry about paying for childcare (and, indeed, whether they’ll actually break even after paying for said childcare) - so does Her Majesty have a point?

When it comes to balancing a career and a family, personal choice is of course key. But the rules for royals, it seems, might be very different...

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