The Queen Stops By Edinburgh PUB For A Meal, Stuns Locals

Makes a change from Buckingham Palace…

queen visits pub

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Could you imagine popping down to your local on a Friday night, drinking a vino (or 3), catching up with your bessies when none other than HER MAJESTY casually sits next to you?

Yep, sorry we still can’t picture it.

But this rare scenario became an actual reality, when Queen Elizabeth stopped by The Sheep Heid Inn in Edinburgh (which has been linked to the royal family since the 1580s), according to reports. Late 90th bday celebrations, away from the big crowds, perhaps.

The question on everyones lips. What did our longest reigning monarch actually order?

The Queen and her companions are said to have enjoyed two £16.50 portions of lamb, a fillet of seabass, a martini and half a bottle of wine.

A fine dining choice, if you ask us.

queen visits pub
'Hmm, I wonder if there's a Wetherspoons nearby?' ©getty

And while her Royal Highness may be used to private London clubs and hotels for her evenings out – she was very much out in the open for onlookers to see. According to the Edinburgh Evening News she sat in the public dining area by a window.

Although the visit showed conspicuous bravery from the royal, staff were reportedly given just one hour’s notice to prepare for her visit, which followed her day at the races.

Buckingham Palace refused to make any comments on the Queen’s visit, other than to say she spent the evening ‘privately.’

One worker of The Sheep Heid Inn says: ‘I've been sworn to secrecy unfortunately and have no idea how her visit got out there.’ Just imagine your shock turning up for your shift to serve your Queen.

Leaving a tip may have been tricky though, seeing as HM never carries cash with her. Hmm, contactless card perhaps?

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