Did The Queen Just Make A Political Statement With Her Hat?

Twitter users certainly think so...


by Danielle Fowler |

The Internet doesn't miss a trick. And Twitter users were quick to cause a social media stir today, as a consequence to the Queen's choice of outfit.

This morning, Her Majesty attended the State Opening of Parliament ceremony. and as a consequence to the snap general election, the usually extravagant affair was pared back.

For instance, the Queen rode to parliament in a black car as opposed to a royal carriage. And she chose to don a cobalt two-piece over her prestigious cloak. But what really got people talking was the fact that Her Majesty opted for a blue hat over her usual 2.5 lb crown.

This unanticipated sartorial move not only broke a royal tradition (which the Queen has followed for over 40 years) but led Twitter users to believe that she is against Brexit.

Why? Well, the Internet soon drew comparisons between her cobalt blue hat and the European flag...

The Queen does not vote and has to 'remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters' according to the Buckingham Palace website.

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