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The Queen Hid Her Crown Jewels In A Biscuit Tin During World War Two

A new BBC documentary has revealed that during the Second World War the Queen’s crown jewels were kept safe in a biscuit tin buried deep under Windsor Castle.

Coronation, which will air this Sunday, explains how King George VI ordered for the precious jewels to be protected this way in case of Nazi invasion.

Kept top-secret for years, not even the Queen knew about the hidden hiding place, despite the trap door still existing at the castle to this day.

‘What was so lovely was that the Queen had no knowledge of it. Telling her seemed strangely odd,’ Royal commentator Alastair Bruce, who presents the BBC documentary, told The Times.

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The information has come to light following a discovery of a number of letters by the assistant keeper of the Queen’s Archives, librarian Oliver Urquhart Irvine.

The letters from George VI to Queen Mary detail the plan to bury the crown jewels under a sally port, a secret exit from the building used in emergencies. Protected with steel doors the hole was then covered up to divert attention in case of enemy invasion.