This Instagram Account Is Celebrating Princess Diana’s Best Revenge Looks

Princess Diana's favorite workout sweatshirt just sold for a whopping £50k. Here's a reminder of her iconic off-duty style

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Princess Diana's favorite workout sweatshirt just sold for a whopping £50k, so now's as good a time as any to scroll through the viral instagram account dedicated to her post-divorce outfits.

Spotlighting (in the account founder's words) 'Princess Di's sassiest post-divorce looks,' it's a celebration of the late Princess of Wales' Nineties style.

Following her estrangement from husband Prince Charles, the formerly 'Shy Di' forged a newly confident persona through her fashion choices, swapping the frills, florals and shoulder pads of her '80s wardrobe for a new form of power dressing: animal print, bold shift dresses and plenty of Versace. More than two decades on, her outfits still feel fresh - and make perfect Instagram fodder (paired with a tongue-in-cheek hashtag, #FyouCC).

While some of Diana's fashion choices from that decade might feel remarkably contemporary, it's also illuminating to scroll back through the archives and match up each 'revenge' look with what was happening behind the scenes at the time. Below are some of our favourite outfits - and the events that might have shaped them...

Early '90s: The pre-emptive slogan knit

OK, so this truly excellent piece of knitwear predates the Princess's divorce announcement, but isn't there something truly satisfying about seeing her wearing her heart on her (knitted) sleeve? And as if this jumper couldn't get better, '... few can afford' was written on the back.

January 1993: The neon bikini

Shortly after this photo was taken, during a holiday to the Caribbean island of Nevis, the infamous 'Camillagate' tapes were surfaced in the British press. There are worse places to find out about your husband's infidelity, we suppose.

March 1994: The Escada elephant tie

To welcome her new nephew Louis at the Lindo Wing, Diana opted for a major fashion statement: an androgynous Escada suit complete with elephant print tie. Just a few weeks earlier, it'd been reported that the Princess had agreed to her husband's divorce terms. Perhaps this look - which couldn't be further from the more traditionally feminine styles the Queen allegedly prefers - was the sartorial equivalent of sticking two fingers up at the royal dress code.

June 1994: The infamous LBD

With a documentary exploring Prince Charles’ infidelity set to air, the Princess of Wales arrived at Vanity Fair’s Serpentine fundraiser wearing a show-stopping mini dress by Greek designer Christina Stambolian. The next day, the photos made every front page – with Charles’ confession relegated to a mere footnote.

June 1995: All red everything

By this point, the Princess had pre-emptively announced her retirement from public life in anticipation of her divorce, but that didn't mean shrinking away from the spotlight entirely. Instead, she decided to focus on select causes that were important to her to re-establish a public role now she'd no longer be royal. Simple but eye-catching dresses like this red Jacques Azagury design, much more daring than the styles she'd worn as Princess of Wales, were a part of this re-invention.

November 1995:

20th November 1995: a casual trip to the gym for Diana... before her explosive TV interview with Martin Bashir aired that night, and the phrase 'there were three of us in this marriage' made headlines around the world.

July 1997: The leopard print swimsuit

With hindsight, this strikingly on-trend swimwear is more poignant than vengeful: the Princess wore the leopard print costume on what would be her last holiday with her sons William and Harry.

August 1997: The slogan jumper and cycling shorts

A slogan jumper and a pair of cycling shorts, typically worn to and from the swanky Harbour Club gym, were the Princess's go-to 'off duty' revenge ensemble. It's a look that's proved surprisingly enduring: most recently, Diana's casual attire formed the basis of Virgil Abloh's S/S'18 collection at Off/White.

Look back at Princess Diana's best Wimbledon ensembles in the gallery below...


Diana Throwbacks At Wimbledon - Grazia

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Peak Sloane Ranger: a puff-sleeved floral wrap dress worn over a white high collar blouse, worn with the most famous engagement ring in the world.

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The Princess tended towards looser shapes for her maternity wardrobe, much like this striped shift dress, worn while expecting Prince Harry.

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Lose the belt, shift the neckline a little and this blue and white striped dress could be new season Ganni...

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Proof that a white suit will always be a sartorial power move...

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A summery Peter Pan collar and swirling floral print (complete with obligatory blue eyeliner...)

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With a few tweaks (a more exaggerated wrap front, ditching the bow and the lace inset) this floral style wouldn't be too far from 2018's ubiquitous day dress.

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More Wimbledon whites for Diana, pictured here greeting her sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson.

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Another ditsy print, this time in regal purple, for a day out with Prince William.

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The Kate - Diana comparison is one that gets a little too much airtime, but we could actually see the Duchess wearing this delicately printed, tiered style.

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Fact: Princess Diana kickstarted the blazer dress trend. Bonus points for Prince William's cartoon chic tie.

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This button-down sleeveless shift in the brightest of reds was a favourite outfit, one which the Princess re-wore for a number of more casual royal occasions.

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Loved Virgil Abloh's homage to Diana's pastel suits in his OFF/WHITE collection last season? This is the real deal.

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