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Princess Beatrice Had The Best Reaction To Karlie Kloss’ Engagement

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And Karlie captured the moment with a screenshot

How did your friends break their engagement news to you? With a post on Instagram? A staged proposal picture on Facebook? Or a good old-fashioned phone call?

Well, Karlie Kloss went down the high-tech route to let her celebrity friends in on the news about her engagement to Joshua Kushner by calling them on Facetime, and their reactions were priceless.

Just like last year when my friend sent me a happy-crying picture of her holding up her hand with an engagement ring on, and I immediately screamed the house down, Princess Beatrice, who appeared to be in the back of a car at the time, made the ultimate happy-shocked face.

Beatrice isn’t the only one Karlie caught on camera and posted to her Instagram story – her quick moving screenshot finger captured Serena Williams’ face too, who was also in a car, and her smile tells the whole story.

© Karlie Kloss/Instagram

Wait Princess Beatrice Has Instagram?

Yes! The screengrabs Karlie posted reveal Princess Beatrice’s Instagram handle @beayork – which is not exactly hard to guess. Seems like Beatrice’s Instagram account was hiding in plain sight this whole time. She has a private account and has only allowed 651 people to follow her, but is following 1,021 accounts.

Her sister Princess Eugenie, however, does have a public Instagram account (@princesseugenie) and has been using it since International Women’s Day in March 2018.

‘I can think of no better day than today, International Women’s Day, to launch my personal Instagram.’ She wrote in the caption of her first post. ‘I hope to use this platform to share the causes, passions and people close to my heart. #scoliosis #iwd2018 #weday #firstpost’

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