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Prince William Caught Nodding Off At Event After Birth Of Royal Baby

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It's hard being a new dad: particularly when you've already got two boisterous children under the age of 6. Such is the case for Prince William, who was spotted nodding off at an official Anzac Memorial Day event at Westminster Abbey yesterday, following the birth of his third child and second son on Monday.

Seated next to his brother Prince Harry and future sister-in-law Meghan Markle, the third-time parent was seen with his eyes closed and head slightly nodding, with the footage shared by People magazine on their Twitter feed.

Is this proof that the as-yet unnamed Prince has been keeping the Duke of Cambridge up at night? Is William changing the nappies, while Kate gets to sleep? Or is it simply a sign that he's been run a little ragged of late?

Speaking to other attendees at the event, he did say that the baby was 'behaving himself' and that 'sleeping’s going reasonably well so far', so maybe we can't blame William's exhausted appearance entirely on the four-day-old Prince.

As for the name, we're still being left on tenter hooks, although bookies are favouring James, Albert and Arthur.

See all the pictures of the royal baby's first official photo op below.