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The Obamas Send A Sweet Message To Harry And Meghan

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Barack and Michelle Obama are among the latest public figures to send their congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle upon the happy news of their engagement.

In response to the announcement, revealed by Prince Charles via his office at Clarence House yesterday morning, the former Commander-in-Chief tweeted his and his wife’s best wishes for the couple.

‘Michelle and I are delighted to congratulate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement. We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness together,’ he wrote.

Harry and the Obamas first met during Barack’s presidency, but their close friendship has continued since the family have left the White House. Just this year, they have been photographed together at a number of high profile events. In May, the former President dropped in to visit Harry at Kensington Palace on a trip to the UK; he also made an appearance (along with former VP Joe Biden and his wife, Jill) courtside at a basketball fixture during the Invictus Games in Toronto (shortly before Harry and Meghan made their public debut).

Last month, Harry returned the favour and headed to Chicago, the Obamas’ home city, where he joined Michelle to surprise students at a school on the city’s South Side. Later, he spoke at the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit, where, among other topics, he touched upon his mother Diana’s charitable legacy, and how it had impacted upon his own philanthropic work.

All of this, of course, is leading us to ask one question: will Barack and Michelle be invited along for Harry and Meghan’s Spring 2018 nuptials? There’s a strong likelihood, given the closeness and longevity of the friendship.

But what about the Trumps? It’s very unlikely that, despite being the current First Couple, the Trumps will attend: security costs for the President and his wife will be prohibitive (indeed, that’s why the Obamas didn’t come along to see William and Kate tie the knot in 2011). Plus, by the time of his wedding, Harry will be sixth in line to the throne, which means the imperative for him to invite each and every head of state along for the ride is far less great. It’s probably for the best: Meghan has gone on record in an interview describing the current POTUS as ‘misogynistic.' We can only look forward to Trump's inevitable tweets claiming he was actually invited, but turned it down...

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