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Prince Harry And Elton Are Planning To End The AIDS Epidemic Before The Central Line Gets Any Cooler

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Prince Harry and Elton John have teamed up to create a coalition called MenStar which aims to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. An extremely ambitious target for the pair who hope to deliver HIV/AIDS services for men and promote early testing and treatment.

Elton John has been involved with AIDS charities for years, and now joins Harry who founded an organisation in Lesotho, southern Africa, which looks after children who have lost their parents to the disease.

Just a day before this new coalition was announced by Kensington Palace on Twitter, a very different activity took place on the same platform.

Chris Taggart, the Head of Line Operations for the Central Line AKA the hottest London Underground line was answering questions live on Twitter – and even I could have predicted this was going to go horribly wrong.

Londoner @GiovanniLepori1 tweeted: ‘#Askcentral The heat inside trains is reaching levels that are certainly dangerous for elderly people and children and I'd imagine that it's not healthy for the average person either. What is being done to solve these unacceptable conditions for which we pay very high prices?’

And can you guess what the response was? Wait until 2030.

‘Hi, we're aware of the heating issues. We've made improvements to the ventilation systems on the current fleet. New trains are coming in early 2030, under the Deep Tube Upgrade Program which will be delivered with full air cooling systems. Thanks, Sol’

While Prince Harry and Elton John are putting together a plan to wipe out an epidemic in the next 12 years, it will take London Underground that long just to drop the temperature on one of the lines. Better pack a bottle of water.