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Prince Harry Had A Picture Of Halle Berry In His Dorm Room At Eton, And Now She Knows About It

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Bikini clad women, army boots and pictures of his his parents made up Harry's Eton bedroom decor

Being a royal has its benefits – a public platform, designers clamouring over themselves to create clothes for you and people to wait on you hand and foot.

But being in the public eye also means public photographic evidence of every little thing that you do – including some of the most embarrassing moments of your youth.

Prince Harry is learning that the hard way at the moment, as photos from his bedroom at Eton have resurfaced, and they are slightly cringe.

The series of images taken at Eton in June 2003 are doing the rounds on social media – exposing Prince Harry’s teenage interests.

Let’s take a look at some of his interior décor choices…