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Prince George Has His Back-Up Career All Planned Out

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Prince George might be third in line to the throne and all, but in the meantime, it seems like the four-year-old royal has already planned out a back-up career: as a member of the police force.

Dedicated followers of all things relating to the UK’s number one pioneer of knee length shorts and socks might recall that towards the end of last year, George’s father Prince William dropped some hints as to his eldest child’s fascination with law enforcement while on an official trip to Finland. Visiting a Christmas market in Helsinki, the Prince came face to face with Father Christmas, and presented the man in red with a festive missive from George. To paraphrase Mariah Carey, it seemed that the Prince didn’t want a lot for Christmas, but there was just one thing he needed: a police car, presumably to keep tabs on any unscrupulous behaviour happening in the environs of Kensington Palace.

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Fast-forward a couple of months and it seems that George’s police obsession is longer-lasting than the majority of childhood crazes. At a Palace reception honouring those who work at New Scotland Yard last night, William exchanged pleasantries with police commissioner Jayne Richardson, who joked that she’s on the lookout for new talent, telling the Prince that ‘we are recruiting actually, so if George and Charlotte are keen?’

William’s response suggested that his son would jump at the chance, telling Richardson that ‘[George] is obsessed, actually, by the police… cars, toys, everything.’ What with his well-documented fondness for Fireman Sam (the TV show even paid tribute to their biggest fan in a recent anniversary episode titled ‘The Prince in Pontypandy’) and his interest in helicopters, little George clearly has a lot of time for our emergency services. Perhaps an interest in Casualty is the inevitable next step?

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