This Prince George Meme Account Is Hilariously Scathing

Prince George

by Rebecca Cope |
Published on

We’re not entirely sure why, but Prince George has long had a reputation online for being sassy. Despite only being four-years-old, the heir-to-throne has been cultivated by the internet as the ultimate royal snob, inheriting a talent for the withering putdown from his famous great-aunt, Princess Margaret. Whether it’s his unimpressed scowls, his looks of disdain, or his wryly raised eyebrows, his ever-changing expressions have been utilised for comedy on social media.

Now, a writer called Gary Janetti has made the most of George’s funny online persona by creating a meme account of the young royal, in which he makes fun of current affairs as well as his famous family. Case in point is last night, when he posted a picture after Kylie Jenner had given birth captioned, ‘but how will they know if it looks like you?’.

As the most well-dressed member of the royal family, George has scathing comments for his families perceived fashion faux-pas, including his mother and sister, the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte. On a picture of Kate, he says, ‘I thought I told you to get rid of that thing’, while another of sister Charlotte reads, ‘If you were going for forty-year-old spinster librarian then congratulations.’

He’s also made fun of father Prince William’s bald patch, Princess Eugenie’s dwindling importance as she falls further down the line of succession, and Princess Charlotte’s supposed un-cuteness compared to him.

His favourite target though is undoubtedly new aunt Meghan Markle, who he frequently derides for her supposed ‘inferiority’ to the rest of the Firm. Next to a picture of her wearing an Alexander McQueen tux, he comments, ‘I liked this better when Emma Stone wore it four years ago,’ while one of her during her stint as a ‘box girl’ on Deal or No Deal USA, reads, ‘This is worse than if you had murdered someone’.

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