These Prince George Photos Might Be The Cutest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

These Prince George Photos Might Be The Cutest Thing Ever


by Jessica Vince |
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Oh my, hasn't he grown! Just when you thought Prince George couldn't get any more gorgeous, a new set of snaps have arrived.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released three official photographs of their adorable toddler in time for Christmas - and he's looking very festive indeed.

George, who celebrated his first birthday in July, wears a blue sleeveless jumper covered in guardsmen complete with bearskins and red tunics. Cutest thing ever? Umm, yes.

Underneath, he wears a white collared top, dark shorts and matching socks and shoes. Meanwhile, his cheeks are looking more squeezable than ever.

Too. Much. Cuteness. [Getty]
Too. Much. Cuteness. [Getty]

The pictures were taken in late November and show the prince, who is now almost 17 months old, in a courtyard at his home (that's Kensington Palace, BTW). The shots were taken by Ed Lane Fox, Prince Harry's private secretary, who has also worked as a freelance photographer.

BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt says Wills and Kate are releasing the images partly as a thank you to the media for not publishing any paparazzi pictures of the young prince.

Well, we thank YOU, guys!

See more of PG's cutest moments in the gallery below...


Prince George Cutest Moments

GALLERY>> Prince George's Cutest Moments1 of 15

GALLERY>> Prince George's Cutest Moments

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