Pop Star Jack Johnson Calls Body Positive Images ‘Slutty’ And Gets Burned

As far as stories about two pop stars we’ve never heard of goes, this one’s a corker…

Pop Star Jack Johnson Calls Body Positive Images ‘Slutty’ And Gets Burned

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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An American pop star has just been given the best take-down after he wrote off girls’ body-positive images on social media as ‘slutty’.

Who’s the pop star? Well, have you heard of an American musician called Jack Johnson? No, no, not the Hawaiian one who likes to play the sort of reggae-inspired soft guitar music that chilled-out surf dudes like to listen to on beaches.

The Jack Johnson who’s 19 and is in Jack and Jack, the comedy/rap collective from some Omaha-born wigga Vine rap stars-turned actual rappers, who now live in LA and make songs like this:

OK, well, now you’ve heard of him, you can see that Jack’s a boy whose career is very dependent on young female fans. That’s why it’s so disappointing that he tweeted: ‘I feel like I’ve seen a lot of girls use this “Body Positive” thing to post slutty pictures and not get called out for it [insert monkey with hands over mouth emoji]’

Oh, and it’s doubly disappointing when you consider that earlier this year, Jack and Jack were part of Ryan Seacrest’s #MakeItHappy movement, which was to promote kindness on the internet.

While some die-hard fans sadly stick harder to Jack in the face of all the hate he’s getting for his comments, we’d like to point you to another pop star who put into the simplest words why Jack’s comments are damaging.

Step in Halsey, another American we’ve not heard of but want to hear much more from:

Oh, and for the record, this is what Halsey sounds like:

The moral of the day? If you’re making money from young women, you’ve got to start respecting them.

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