Pixie Lott Tells Us About Her Favourite Emojis And Why Being In Your 20s Is The Perfect Time To Go For It

The latest Strictly casualty tells us about the show and why she’s not into selfies


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You all know the really rather adorable Pixie Lott, if you’ve not been watching Strictly, she’s spent the last ten weeks jiving, waltzing and quickstepping her way around the dancefloor with partner Trent before finally being voted off this past weekend (gosh darn that pesky Viennese Waltz).

Not content with just appearing on the nation’s favourite ballroom dancing show, she’s also found time to release a new album, charity single and sit down and have a little chat with last week. Which was nice. Especially when we found out she’s got a big huge girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, ‘I mean she’s, like, amazingly talented, but also seems like a normal down-to-earth girl that you want to hang out with,’ Pixie told us.

Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, what’s with all the twenty-something women killing it in showbiz at the moment? ‘When you’re in your twenties is when you have the most energy,’ Says Pixie. ‘You have the most drive, you have the most ambition, you really want to do something and prove yourself. It’s a good age bracket to really go for it.’

But, being a famous as Pixie does come with some drawback: does she ever feel pressured to look and dress a certain way? ‘I think I’m just oblivious to that sort of stuff. I just wear what I want to wear, although when it comes to shows I’ll cater to the audience. If it’s an older audience, then obviously you wear more of a glamourous dress; if it’s for young people then you can be more fun and wear hotpants and stuff. I just mix it up and don’t pay too much attention to that stuff!’

Pixie’s album and single are out now.

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