Photoshopping Celebrities To Look Bigger Does No Good For Beauty Standards

Some might find it empowering, but the bizarre trend doesn't do women any favours.

Kylie Jenner

by Bonnie McLaren |

Just when we thought we'd seen every weird Photoshopping trend on social media, there's a new one. Celebrities are now being edited to look bigger than they actually are. (Yep, some people really do have too much time on their hands if they're altering images of famous people for no reason...)

Posting on Instagram, body positive campaigner Alex Light drew attention the phenomenon, writing a lengthy caption alongside a photo of a bigger Kylie Jenner. As Alex points out there's some who think the trend is a good thing to inspire body confidence, but, actually, it's all a facade. If Hollywood was truly body inclusive, there would be more plus-size actresses and popstars. Those who are plus-sized would actually be revered, and we wouldn't need to create some weird, fake image of a celeb - without their permission. 'Rather than photoshop thin celebrities fat, let’s look to (actual) plus-size celebrities instead,' she wrote. 'We don’t need to see a digitally enhanced version of a fat person; let’s see - and celebrate - an actual fat person.'

The images also imply that the women photoshopped aren't 'real women', or don't look their best for being the size they are, which is also a problem. It's not the first time this has happened, as back in 2015 a 20-year-old Spanish artist David Lopera caused outrage by photoshopping the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence to look bigger. The reason why? He thought they looked better, or like 'real women', bigger - and was, essentially, objectifying them. He told the Daily Mail: 'Look at my pictures and you will see that big is beautiful. For example, Mila Kunis is much sexier with chunky thighs and a bulging belly that hangs around her waist.'

It honestly seems sometimes like women can't win. When you're considered 'too big' you're penalised - especially when you're famous - with unkind comments, but even those considered smaller are now being photoshopped to look bigger. Here's an idea, and why don't we just let people live the size they want to.

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