Photobombing Taylor Swift And Snogging Nicholas Hoult: A Lot Happened To Jennifer Lawrence At The Golden Globes

And all of it makes us love her a fraction more...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Last night, Jennifer Lawrence won not only a Golden Globe for her turn in American Hustle, but our hearts for evermore with all the funny stuff she went and did at the awards ceremony.

On the red carpet, she spotted Taylor Swift and crept up the stairs to Ryan Seacrest's interviewing platform, snarling as she went. She then embraced Taylor and joked to her that she was going to push her down the stairs. Taylor quipped sardonically: 'You should have! People would love that!' but Jennifer was totally joking, because it turns out she loves Taylor almost as much as we love Jennifer.


Jennifer explained to Ryan Seacrest that during the CMAs (Country Music Awards to us banjo-shy Brits) she sent Taylor a very long text. 'I freaked out over the CMAs… I sent her a text message that was like six inches long,' she said breathlessly. 'She was just so incredible, I thought her performance… I'm blushing just thinking about it'. Taylor gushed back, explaining that 'American Hustle is doing the same thing to me, I wanted so badly to send a novel text message.'

But that wasn't all J-Law got up to at the Globes. (Seriously, what's an awards ceremony without her these days?)

Her dress also spawned an entire meme

The beautiful Dior number was simple and billowing enough to spawn a new internet game where people dressed up like her. Everyone from Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes to those universally favourite internet players – cats – dressed up in a sheet and a black belt to emulate the sassily-spoken actress.

She snogged her date

And that date was once-ex Nicholas Hoult. To celebrate her win, she gave him a big kiss on the mouth, which is Grade A proof that the pair are back together.


She gave one of her trademark quips

After winning her award, she thanked all of her co-stars and director David O. Russell and then slipped in a mild joke: 'I actually did watch all the movies this year — not all of them, but you know what I mean,' she laughed, before admitting she's still not used to being on the winner's podium. 'I'm sorry I'm shaking so much. Don't ever do this again.'

No, do, Academy Awards/Bafta jurors. We need another Jennifer Lawrence-filled awards season, for sure.

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