Pharrell Cries On Oprah After Seeing Lots Of People Sing Happy

Oprah certainly has a knack for making people weep on her shows…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Do you feel like you’re one listen of Pharrell’s Happy away from bursting into tears? Well, Pharrell is, too! After watching a compilation of people around the world lip-syncing along to his Oscar-nominated song, he started weeping. Who did this to poor Pharrell? Oprah Winfrey of course.

The talk show host/media matriarch, who has an uncanny ability to make everyone (Rihanna, Lindsay, all the big names) cry when she gets them on her show, passed Pharrell a tissue so he could blow his nose and dry his red, wet eyes, and surely provoked more waterworks by saying: ‘I was just thinking of your grandmother. I bet she didn't even imagine that.’

She was referencing a part of the interview, earlier on, where they’d been speaking about Pharrell growing up, so no wonder he felt emotional. He had also said that American radio wasn’t giving Happy, written for kids’ film Despicable Me 2, any airtime, until his video was released and people started to make their own versions of it. ‘It was no longer my song.’

He meant this in a happy way, though, obviously over the moon that his song has had such a positive international reaction (and made enough dosh to keep him in a slew of those Vivienne Westwood hats and whatever elixir of youth he’s sinking on the regular). Pharrell acknowledged that his tears might have been a bit ridiculous, looking to the cameras and shaking his head, saying ‘Why am I crying on Oprah?’

Because he's haaaaappppyyyyy!

Ugh, sorry.

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