Pharrell Commends Women For Going To Work While On Their Periods

He also says that he loves us for our 'nasty' bits, too. Cute!


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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With the release of an album called Girl, followed by an art exhibition of the same name, it seems that Pharrell Williams loves women as much as he loves his big old hats. However, he’s gone a step further with his intense gynephilia (Google it), saying that he likes women even more now he’s discovered they still bother to go to work while they’re on their period.

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‘Once a month [women] go through something that we’ll never understand, and yet they still come to work and they still kick ass... If women wanted to, like, cripple an economy, they just don’t go to work and don’t come home [and] that country’s dead for that day,’ said Pharrell.

It’s kind of interesting, because he’s touching on the old argument that if every single woman who did the housework started charging for it, then the entire world’s economy would crumble. However, he’s not actually doing that – instead he’s lauding us for bothering to work at all while we have periods.

Maybe he read the piece on The Debriefabout women being given period holidays as a matter of course in some countries? Well, if he had, then he’d have realised that it’s actually quite patronising. We can get stuff done while we have periods, seriously! In fact, some of the associated rage sometimes gives us the added motivation to get stuff done. So there.

Pharrell wasn’t finished with the period mentions, though. He then spoke about women’s bodies and how they relate to space, saying: ‘The idea that we, as a species, have travelled to the moon back in ’69, we’ve had a space station that’s been hovering around the planet for about maybe 20 years [and it] hasn’t touched the earth’s soil, [gravitational pull, babes] and we have a rover on the surface of Mars, and yet we’re the same species that has legislation in place where women can’t do... Where they’re being told what they can and can’t do with their bodies.’

OK, we’ll give him a pass on that one – we know he’s got a little predilection for space, that’s why his record label was called Star Trak, right? And it is about time women weren’t being told what to do with their bodies. But, just in case there wasn’t a debate already raging (oh, and it is raging, thanks to those periods) about young women’s cultural worth in the world, he says his album is to get people talking about girls.

‘My album is not a problem solver,’ Pharrell explains. ‘It’s not the resolution... I just wanted to start the debate.’

‘I just love them and I love every part of them. I love the nasty parts and I love the intelligent parts.’

Our ‘nasty’ parts? Excuse you, Mr Williams. You might look like you’re 12, but that’s no excuse to behave like you are.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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