Why Are People Reporting That Rihanna Is Pregnant? It’s Nobody’s Business But Hers

If Rihanna is pregnant, then let's wait for Rihanna to tell us she's pregnant before everyone starts going hysterical.


by Stevie Martin |
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According to new reports, Rihanna sings about being pregnant on her new album R8 – parts of which have been leaked. An inside source (and we all know that inside sources are always right) has revealed that Ri-Ri will be singing about a baby growing inside her, and has also banned weed smoking in the studio to protect her baby.

Seems Media Takeout, who have broken the story, are pretty certain that it’s true, stating: ‘Oh and we are not 80% sure about this, or 90%... we’re 100% ON RIH BEING PREGNANT. In fact, we’re SO CERTAIN... that we’ll bet ANY MEDIA COMPANY that doubts Rihanna’s pregnancy $10,000. Come on... anyone wanna put their MONEY UP against our reporting?’ (Media Takeout have a thing about capitals).

Thing is, we’re not saying they’re wrong, it’s just... do we need to know this? You shouldn’t report on a pregnancy until it’s been confirmed at 12 weeks, so why is it so important to tell the world now, especially when they don’t know how long she’s been allegedly pregnant?

The report discusses the fact that the singer only found out about it a few days ago (so, erm, give her some space) and that people are speculating that it could be Drake’s, but ‘we don’t have ANY INFORMATION on who it can be’ (again, their capitals not ours).

Call us old fashioned, but we’re strongly of the opinion that women should announce their pregnancy as and when it suits them – the bump-watch craze, and hysteria whenever a female celeb happens to wear an empire line dress, not get drunk or touch her stomach needs to stop.

Can you imagine if the world thought you were pregnant every time you had a really big sandwich and happened to have your photo taken immediately after? And can you imagine finding out you were pregnant and having people tell the world before you got the chance to?

Women’s bodies are scrutinised with photos shopped around for the highest price, turning us into objects to be bought and sold – so it’s probably a good idea to draw the line at someone else’s womb.

It’s weird, guys. Let’s all stop being weird.

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