People Are Freaking Out Over Mary Berry’s Bolognese Recipe

She's done it right though, as per

People Are Freaking Out Over Mary Berry’s Bolognese Recipe

by Chloe Gray |

Known for her fail-safe, family-loved recipes, Mary Berry is usually controversy free. Until last night, when she made a traditional bolognese on Mary Berry Everyday. ‘What could go wrong with a bolognese?’ I hear you cry. Well, white wine and double cream, apparently.

The internet is up in arms over the appearance of said ingredients in Mary Berry’s pasta dish. Some have even said that they were ‘shocked and appalled’.

But Berry insisted that ‘any wine’ is good and admitted that there’s never an empty bottle lying around her house. Perhaps that’s the reason for the controversial white: has she drunk all the red pre-cooking?

As for the cream, she says that it’s to ‘enrich’ the flavour. To us, it just sounds like any excuse to make a meal extra unhealthy, but extra yum. So it gets a tick of approval.

But hold up, critics. Apparently Mary was well within her rights to turn spag bol into a dairy feast. The Italian Academy of Cooking was asked by Bologna’s Chamber of Commerce to come up with an official recipe for the dish in 1982… It included milk and white wine. Turns out Mary Berry won’t be collabing with Heston Blumenthal anytime soon.

Mary also received confusion from fans for turning hipster at 81. Apparently using pomegranate molasses and quinoa in a salad is so Waitrose the viewers just can’t cope.

You can put pomegranate in our salad any day, Mary.

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