Peaches Geldof’s Home Has Been Burgled Twice Since Her Death

Police say no personal items have been stolen, but that CCTV has been damaged…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Grim news gets grimmer as it turns out that Peaches Geldof's home has been burgled twice in the month since her death. Kent Police are investigating a burglary at the house that took place last Friday. The thieves managed to damage the CCTV, but it is believed that no personal items were taken. Authorities have also received reports that a lawn mower was stolen from the grounds of the Wrotham property.

No word yet on whether the perpetrators were people who were going to steal anyway, or opportunists who had seen photos of the property – and details of its address – in the press. Peaches lived in the house in north-east Kent with husband Tom Cohen and sons Phaedra and Astala. She was found dead in a spare room there on 7 April, after a suspected heroin overdose, an inquest revealed. An investigation into her death is expected to conclude in early June.

Though there had been erroneous reports indicating that no drugs paraphernalia had been found at the property following Peaches' death, leading to speculation that the death scene had been tampered with, a police representative recently confirmed that there was drugs paraphernalia at the scene.

'Inaccurate reports have also been made suggesting that no drugs paraphernalia was found at the address, with suggestions that the scene had been "tampered" with prior to police arrival,' he said. 'While no detail will be provided around specific items, to prevent further speculation I will confirm that contrary to rumour in the media my officers did seize drugs paraphernalia from the address on 7 April.'

It was recently reported that heartbroken Tom was looking to put the five-bedroom home on the market, as he couldn't bear to live there following his wife's death.

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