Paul Mescal Drunk And Dancing In The Rolling Stones’ Scarlet Is A Friday Mood

'Hey Scarlet, I'm a little bit drunk. I'm very sorry. I love you. So I'm just going to play this song.'

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by Bonnie McLaren |

Paul Mescal might have just casually performed at the Natural History Museum with Irish singer Dermot Kennedy, but he has just done his most rock and roll thing yet - appearing in a music video for The Rolling Stones. Honestly, we didn't think he could get any cooler. But here he is, continuing to exceed our expectations.

The video, which accompanies the song Scarlet - which was originally recorded in 1974 and features Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page - was released last night. And for fans of Connell, it does not disappoint. 'Hey Scarlet, I'm a little bit drunk. I'm very sorry. I love you. So I'm just going to play this song,' the video starts, before Paul was allowed to go wild in fancy hotel Claridges, as he dances, smokes, drinks and dances some more. You can watch the whole (glorious) thing below.

Things have only been getting better and better for Paul since starring as Connell Waldron in Normal People_._ Not only does he now have 1million followers on Instagram, but he also just got nominated for an Emmy for the role. Being an acclaimed actor as well as a rockstar must be nice.

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This actually causes my heart to hurt. Paul + Marianne = forever.

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