You Can Now Get A Tarot Reading From Paul Of S Club 7 Fame

Never had a dream come true until now? Here’s your chance.

Paul Cattermole tarot

by Jen Crothers |
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The pandemic really shifted our attitudes to work and careers over the last 18 months - helping make the leap into the unknown marginally less daunting.

One person who’s moved into a different space is S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole, who has branched out into the ethereal world.

Last month, former singer Paul launched a new channel on his YouTube, ‘Tarot me this… With Paul…’ where he gives readings to various star signs so we can get an idea of what might be in store.

On his original Youtube channel, he explains the career shift, saying, “You may recognise me from Tv or Music or Theatre, I have had a long and varied career in Performing arts. I now spend most of my time making online content of all different types, Clairvoyance Sorcery Soothsaying and Necromancy are now my main gigs.”

As he says in one of his videos, “These are not personal readings, these are collective readings”, so while they’re a bit of an astrological catch-all, those who want their cards done one-on-one can do so, as there’s the option of having a personal reading with Paul.

The ‘About’ section on Tarot me this… reads: “Tarot readings for everyone! General, Collective, individual, timeless and also random Tarot readings most often short and to the point but sometimes long. I don’t read reversals, except for when I do.”

He lists his contact email, and a paypal link for passing on a bit of that Tarot-thirsty dollar.

Paul’s been busy in November, uploading almost 50 tarot videos to his account, including, “Gemini - Crazy Reading Huge Story Coming Thru”, “Scorpio - The people have wronged you and are going to Jail,” and “77 messages from angels”.

He does point out that “all content is for the purposes of entertainment only. If you are needing life assistance with medical, financial or legal matters etc, seek the advice of qualified experienced professionals like doctors, financial advisors, lawyers, personal trainers etc, don’t use tarot guidance for important matters such as these.”

Which is fair enough. But if that’s what floats your celestial boat, then go wild.

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